art by lynn

We deepen our understanding of who we are and the world, if we use a contemplative approach that can complement the sciences in our explorations of ourselves, compassionate love, and spirituality.

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art by lynn

The Arts: Our experiences of the arts can be spiritually enriching, opening us to a more full appreciation of who we are and all of life. As we stretch towards artistic expression, it can help us to communicate with others in creative ways. I am sharing some of my own art and include ways to encourage you to express yourself artistically.


The self / the human person: Difficult circumstances can sometimes remove delusions in our lives, and enable us to grow.

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Compassionate Love: Our understanding of the kind of love that helps us to flourish can be enhanced by the arts (music, poetry, film and visual arts) as well as by scientific studies and conceptual exploration into the nature of compassionate love.