Art, science, and our own personal experiences provide different perspectives on the world that can enhance our understanding of who we are and help us to flourish.

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Lynn G Underwood’s academic publications on topics such as compassionate love, social support and stress and invited online publications can be found here .

An Audiobook version of Spiritual Connection in Daily Life was read by the author in 2020. It can be purchased through Audible or Payhip or other venues. For more information and a sample audio visit the book page (click here).

Topics such as the arts, the self, and compassionate love are overarching themes for this website and they are grouped into these topics:

The self / the human person (click here): Difficult circumstances can often remove delusions in our lives, and enable us to grow. This is the most active area of my writing and research at the present time.

Compassionate Love (click here): Our understanding of the kind of love that helps us to flourish can be enhanced by the arts (music, poetry, film and visual arts) as well as by scientific studies and conceptual exploration into the nature of compassionate love.



The Arts (click here): Participating in the arts can be spiritually enriching, opening us to a more full appreciation of who we are and all of life. As we stretch towards artistic expression, it can help us to communicate. In sharing some of my own art and that of others, I hope to encourage you to express yourself artistically and to seek inspiration in the creative art, poetry, video and music of others.

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